诺基亚受挫 打击微软手机梦想“天博中国官网”

诺基亚受挫 打击微软手机梦想“天博中国官网”

本文摘要:Nokia Corp. warned Thursday that its cellphone business is quickly deteriorating and that it will cut 10,000 workers, a setback that threatens partner Microsoft Corp.s mobile aspirations. 诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)周四警告说道,其手机业务正在很快好转,公司将裁员1万人。

Nokia Corp. warned Thursday that its cellphone business is quickly deteriorating and that it will cut 10,000 workers, a setback that threatens partner Microsoft Corp.s mobile aspirations. 诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)周四警告说道,其手机业务正在很快好转,公司将裁员1万人。这一挫折对其合作伙伴微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)在手机领域的梦想包含了威胁。The companies bound themselves together last year in a last-ditch effort to compete in a smartphone market dominated by Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Now, Microsoft faces the possibility that the company responsible for two-thirds of its mobile software shipments may not be strong enough to give it influence in mobile computing.去年两家公司结为同盟,打算在由苹果(Apple Inc.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)主导的智能手机市场背水一战。现在微软公司面对着这样一种有可能:占到其手机软件发货量三分之二的诺基亚,它的实力也许足以使之在移动计算出来领域产生影响。

Until this year, Nokia enjoyed a 14-year-run as the worlds largest maker of mobile phones. But the company raised new doubts about its future Thursday by warning its losses will be worse than it expected just two months ago. It would not predict when the losses might end. Associated Press周四,印度新德里的一家手机商店。在今年之前,诺基亚曾倒数14年位居世界仅次于手机生产商的方位。但该公司周四回应,其亏损情况将比两个月前预计的更为相当严重,这让外界对诺基亚的未来前景产生了新的猜测。诺基亚拒绝接受得出亏损何时完结的预测。

The news sent Nokias shares down 16% to $2.35 in New York trading, the lowest point since 1996. Nokia has lost more than three-quarters of its market value since Chief Executive Stephen Elop arrived in September 2010 and decided to bet the company on phones powered by Microsofts operating system.这一消息造成纽约市场上诺基亚的股价暴跌了16%至2.35美元,缔造1996年以来的低于价格。自首席执行长埃洛普(Stephen Elop)2010年9月份离任以来,诺基亚的市值早已蒸发掉四分之三有余。埃洛普要求把整个公司的前途都遣在加装微软公司操作系统的手机上。

Its market value is now at $8.8 billion, 92% lower than where it stood when Apple released the iPhone and just above the price Microsoft paid last year for Internet phone company Skype.诺基亚目前市值为88亿美元,较苹果公布iPhone时增加92%,仅有比微软公司去年并购网络电话公司Skype的价格低一点。Microsoft, which made its own big bet by choosing Nokia to build its flagship Windows Phone devices, is responding by increasing its aid for the handset maker. But if Nokia continues to struggle, the software giant may have to start searching for other options.微软公司自由选择由诺基亚生产其Windows Phone手机也是一次豪赌。

面临诺基亚的困境,微软公司于是以以增大对其援助来应付。但如果这家手机生产商依旧无法摆脱困境,微软公司有可能就得著手找寻其他选项了。Microsoft declined to comment. Its shares Thursday rose 21 cents to $29.34 on the Nasdaq Stock Market, and are up 13% year-to-date.微软公司拒绝接受对诺基亚的近期情况公开发表评论。

微软公司股价周四在纳斯达克市场下跌0.21美元至29.34美元,该股今年以来的涨幅为13%。Mr. Elop said on a conference call that Nokia plans to address its market share by competing more aggressively for low-end smartphone business specific support from Microsoft.埃诺普在电话会议上说道,为解决问题市场份额问题,诺基亚想在微软公司的“尤其反对”下在低端智能手机领域增大竞争力度。Nokia, he said, would pull back from many areas to focus its resources on a relatively small number of big markets, including the U.S., China, and certain other European and Asian markets.他说道,诺基亚将从诸多领域解散,把资源集中于在数量比较较少的大型市场上,如美国、中国,以及其他某些欧亚市场。The challenge, therefore, is how do you break through? said Mr. Elop.Were now in a situation where weve got to make sure that were breaking through in selling.埃洛普说道,诺基亚面对的挑战在于如何获得突破。

他说道,在现在的处境之下,我们得保证销量获得突破。As the iPhone and Android took off and Windows foundered, Microsoft wagered last year that a partnership with the Finnish giant could make it a credible No. 3 player in the fast-growing smartphone market.由于iPhone和安卓(Android)手机开始腾飞、Windows手机一败涂地,微软公司去年把宝押在了诺基亚身上,确信跟这家芬兰巨头的合作能使它在茁壮很快的智能手机市场位居第三。

Nokia agreed to adopt Windows Phone as its principal operating system, replacing its own Symbian software, and to pay licensing fees to Microsoft. In exchange, Nokia said Microsoft would provide it with billions of dollars to help develop and market products.诺基亚表示同意使用Windows Phone替代塞班(Symbian)作为自己的主要操作系统,并向微软公司缴纳许可酬劳。据诺基亚说道,作为互相交换,微软公司将获取数十亿美元资金老大它研发、推展产品。Nokia, however, has continued to lose ground around the globe. Analysts say that Koreas Samsung Electronics Co. dethroned Nokia in the first quarter of the year as the worlds biggest cellphone maker.然而从全球来看,诺基亚仍是节节失利。

分析人士说道,韩国三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)今年第一季度领先于诺基亚,沦为全球仅次于手机生产商。Nokia for the first time accounted for less than half of the total cellphone market in its home country of Finland, according to IDC.据国际数据公司(IDC)统计资料,诺基亚在本土芬兰手机市场上所占到份额首次严重不足一半。

The company has struggled on the low end in emerging markets that have long been key to its success. In Indonesia, for example, Nokias market share dropped to 24% early this year from 52% in early 2010, according to IDC. Nokia lagged behind smaller competitors in launching dual-SIM phones, which let consumers save money by combining deals from two different service providers.诺基亚仍然绝望于新兴市场的低端手机业务。新兴市场一直是诺基亚致胜的关键所在。据IDC统计资料,诺基亚在印尼市场上的份额从2010年初的52%跌到至今年初的24%。在公布双卡手机方面,诺基亚落在了规模较小的竞争对手的后面。

这种手机综合了两个有所不同电信服务提供商的协议,从而让消费者省了钱。The loss of market share has weakened Nokia financially. In an effort to cut costs as its market position erodes, Nokia said it would cut 10,000 jobs in its mobile division by the end of next year. The cuts follow plans to eliminate about 14,000 jobs announced last year, but questions remained whether it would be enough.市场份额的失去巩固了诺基亚的财务实力。诺基亚说道,由于公司的市场地位受到风化,将在明年底之前缩减1万个移动部门工作岗位,以缩减成本。而在此之前,诺基亚去年就已宣告,想缩减1.4万个工作岗位,但外界批评此举否充足有力。

Nokias mobile devices division employs 53,000, compared with 20,500 at rival Motorola Mobility Holdings, bought last month by Google.Reuters周四,诺基亚公司宣告裁员1万人。诺基亚移动产品部门现有雇员5.3万名,其竞争对手摩托罗拉移动公司(Motorola Mobility Holdings)仅有雇员2.05万名。后者上个月被谷歌并购。

On Thursday, Nokia warned that the operating loss at its mobile devices unit would be larger than it had previously thought, saying it would post a negative margin greater than 3%.诺基亚周四警告说道,移动产品部门的营业亏损将比之前估算的要大,该部门利润率将高于负3%。The company doesnt appear to be improving in the smartphone market either, saying competition had hit that business to a somewhat greater extent than previously expected.诺基亚在智能手机市场的状况或许也并无提高。

该公司说道,竞争对这块业务产生的冲击力度比之前预计的要大。Nokia said it shipped more than 2 million Lumias world-wide in the first quarter, compared with Apples 35 million iPhones. In Western Europe, the Lumias biggest market, IDC estimates Nokia sold 980,000 Lumias - compared with 15.5 million Android phones, 7 million iPhones, and 2.5 million BlackBerrys.诺基亚说道,今年第一季度Lumia的全球发货量多达200万部,而苹果iPhone同期发货量为3,500万部。据IDC估算,诺基亚在西欧(Lumia的仅次于市场)出售了98万部Lumia。

相比之下,安卓手机在西欧售出了1,550万部,iPhone售出了700万部,黑莓手机250万部。Those sales numbers are hurting Microsoft as well. In the first quarter, Apple had 23% of the global market for smartphones, Android had 59%, and both were growing, according to IDC.这些销售数据同时也在冲击着微软公司。IDC数据表明,今年第一季度,苹果智能手机在全球占有了23%的市场份额,安卓手机占到59%,这两个比例还在大大快速增长。Microsofts operating system, meanwhile, came in sixth place, powering just 2.2% of smartphones, down from 2.6% a year earlier. Nokia and Microsoft are aiming for a 10% share of the smartphone market, though they havent put a timetable on that target.此外,微软公司的操作系统名列第六位,仅有2.2%的智能手机用的是这种系统,高于上年的2.6%。

诺基亚和微软公司目前皆力争在智能手机市场上取得10%的份额,不过它们并没得出构建这个目标的时间表。For now, Nokia and Microsoft still have the support of wireless carriers, which are looking for a competitor to Apple and Google. T-Mobile USA said its Nokia Lumia phone has been one of its five best-selling smartphones since January, and ATT Inc. said it was pleased with sales of the device.目前,诺基亚和微软公司仍享有无线运营商的反对,这些运营商正在找寻能跟苹果和谷歌对付的竞争者。T-Mobile USA说道,诺基亚的Lumia手机是该公司今年1月以来最畅销的五款智能手机之一。美国电话电报公司(ATT Inc.)说道,对Lumia的销售情况深感失望。

An important test for the company will come later this year when Nokia is expected to roll out a new smartphone based on the expected fall release of Windows Phone 8.诺基亚将于今年晚些时候步入最重要考验,预计该公司预计将公布一款配备微软公司Windows Phone 8系统的新智能手机。Windows Phone 8的预计公布时间是今年秋季。

Nokia, however, hasnt been specific about when the new phones will launch. Until it sees more success in the market, it likely will grow more dependent on Microsofts support.不过,诺基亚仍未明确解释这款新手机的公布时间。诺基亚在市场上获得更加多顺利之前,该公司可能会越发倚赖微软公司的反对。



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